Okay, this may be an age old debate, but I am in need of some opinions. I know there are many that about in this forum, so here's my question:

I would like a delay pedal that has the following features, in order of importance:

-A nice warm sounding delay that has a TAP TEMPO (this is a must)
-A looper
-The possibility of switching from a long to a short delay on the fly

I bought a pigtronix echolution, which is a great pedal, but it's looping function is laughably difficult and useless. I love the way you can throw switches for multitaps, and you can switch from one timed delay to another (albeit with an audible noise in between). Its a good pedal, but I gotta have some kind of looping function on-board.

I'm considering buying the Seymour Duncan Deja Vu. I know they have nice analogue sound, as well as a supposed looping function. I know it can only be used for one delay at a time, but it still looks cool. Does anyone know if the looper on these is useful? Can you overdub?

I'm also thinking about a line 6 DL4. I know it has a very in depth looper, as well as many models of delay, and a good bank system for switching. How is the sound quality though? Can it compete with an analogue delay for warmth? I hate digital tinny-ness. When you switch from one delay to the next, does the tap tempo follow along? Also, can you switch on the looper with your foot? You don't have to turn the switch, do you?

Any other suggestions? I love buying pedals, but hate deciding.
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TC Electronic Nova Delay.

Great delay (I own it) but no looper
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The Line 6 DL4 has GREAT tone. It's used on basically every Jimmy Eat World song, in multiple layers. Listen to a bunch of their songs and you'll hear it in a matter of seconds. So great.
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I love my dl-4, and you can get tones from that digital tinniness you hate all the way to some pretty creamy tape goodness- though no, the tap tempo doesnt carry between presets- I'm not actually sure about any delay that does.
A rather expensive option is the Line 6 M13. I use mine exclusively for delay and reverb, and I have 8 or 9 different delay banks set up from tube, tape, analog, and digital sounds and they all sound fantastic. Also the tap tempo works in between settings. You could also have each delay set to different note values with the tap tempo, like a quarter note digital delay, a half note reverse delay, a dotted 8th note analog delay, etc.