I was on a IRC channel in Opera and tabs kept opening up to a blank channel. At the top of the tab it would say "OMGANOTHERFIREFOXTAB". The title would change a little so someone was typing it right then. I was on the 888chan irc channel so that might have something to do with it. I have been cautious of what I download. Please help, sorry if I worded this funny. I dont know if this is serious or just someone joking around.
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Re-fixed. I kick children and am an all around horrible person.

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Re-reFixed Oh Yianni, why can't you see that I need you twenty times a day? WHY?!



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get IE, greatest browser ever. /sarcasm

Christ, I'm on a roll with this fixing business.
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Christ, I'm on a roll with this fixing business.


but seriously I use IE, I don't do anything special with browsers, if I can go on the internet and it has tabs then that's all I give a damn about. If a program fulfills my needs, I don't see a point in getting a more sophisticated program