whats negative about it? I don't think i should take this to the political thread because i'm not sure that i'll get my answer, i need to send this essay to my teacher asap and i have no examples on why our foreign policy sucks OR doesn't. but i figured it'd be easier to say it sucks [not that i have any idea on why it may or may not]

please list 3 reasons why?
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Our foreign policy is interventionist. We fight pre-emptive wars and police the world.
great! any specific wars to comment on?
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great! any specific wars to comment on?

Um, anything after WWII.
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but its much easier to find things ABOUT the foreign policy rather then AGAINST it. you can't tell me that every google entry will direct me to my answer, i have and so i come on to here to see if there are people willing to help me out, no one is typing this essay for me, just directing me to some examples of what to write about, so if you don't want to help thats fine, i'd appreciate if you wouldn't express that though because i'm not doing anything wrong and or cheating in any sort of way.
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1. Most of the world doesn't approve of the decisions we make, leading to tensions with allies. For an example, you have came to the right place

2. There are questions about the need. Arguments exist that say we didn't really need to go to Iraq, Vietnam, etc...

3. There are questions about the honesty of the rhetoric that guides our policy. The CIA has taken a hit in credibility, but by nature of their job they are unable to defend themselves. Politicians have lied and misrepresented info that field agents have given them.

I wouldn't go overboard with the negativity. Believe what you will, but if you write most of the things posted in the pit and turn it in to an american teacher, you will not likely enjoy the result.
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