Okay pit i need some advice.

I am applying to a private cooking school and the tuition is damn near $50,000! I have a pretty good paying job right now, but don't have any money save what-so-ever, nor will I be keeping the same job or full time hours when i do finally start school.

So my question is, will financial aid be able to hook me up with financing all of my tuition or do i need to get a personal loan from a bank? I've never done anything like this before and don't really have anyone to guide me through this until i get the application completed in a few weeks.

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Whatever you do, don't get student loans.
I've applied for federal aid, and it's nowhere near fifty grand. But it will probably pay for a semester or two depending on how much they wanna give you.

I'd say you're best option would be to get the federal aid, and go over to fastweb scholarships to apply for as many scholarships as you can.
Best of luck dude!
bad idea, chefs make some of the worst pay around. if you want to be a chef just to and work in a resturant and work your way up for free, its not worth spending money on.
Culinary school? It could be nice. Scholarships and grants vary. You should definitely talk to the financial aid office to see what they can help you with. There are some grants that pay for your tuition in full if you have below a certain amount of income.
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