Not sure where to post this, but there are programs that you can digitally make hip hop songs with, is there anything you can make other songs with?

Like I want to take a song I recorded, and be able to dub in more vocals and guitars over my recording, and maybe even add digital effects and stuff like that. Basically giving me some sort of ability to add production to my songs. I know programs like this exist, but anyone know the names of some I can torrent?

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Audacity for simple track recording (free)

Fruity Loops for drum loops and if you're working with MIDI tracks (free trial, can't save, but can export)

Sony ACID for recording like Audacity but with more options (free trial, $300 purchase, has Beatmapper which is very useful)

those are all the programs I use, but honestly, if I'm just recording demos, Audacity is enough