Hey guys, my birthday is coming up, I got a job, and will probably have cash left over every month from what my parents give me for college, so I am considering buying a new head, specifically a vox nighttrain or an egnater rebel 20. Right now I have a crate v-18 combo with an Eminence Private Jack. I really like the speaker, so if I get a new head I would probably just unplug the crate head from the combo and use it as a cab. Is this a good idea? The back of the combo is open which from what I understand from a guy at a local shop said is less optimal for smaller amps.

1) Are the night train and rebel 20 good amps to look at for old-school rock and blues? Any other suggestions welcome...I probably want to spend under $1000. I have not played the night train, but I loved the egnater 20...

2) Could I/Should I use the crate combo I own (with a private jack) as a cabinet?

3) Is a closed back cab really that necessary with a small amp? If so is there a way to close up my open back crate combo cabinet?

Thanks alot

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I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to close up the back of the cab, with some ply and a few screws should be easy

And I've heard a few thigns from the Night Train and it sounds pretty good for blues and rock, haven't heard much of the Rebel 20 except for a bit of it being really pushed into overdrive.
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