So yesterday, i was working with super glue and got some on my fingers. I already treated it but there's still a coating left on the tips of my fingers.

So my friend goes, "Dude, I'm gonna put crazy glue on the tips of my fingers so i can have artificial calluses!!"

So my question is, has anyone done this before?
yeah, it doesn't help much
also it's not good for you
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Mark Hoppus from Blink-182 did.

In this "I Miss You" video, only cos the double bass strings hurt his lil baby fingers.
Otherwise, no.
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No. Because no one is that retarded. Except apparently your friend.
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I kind of agree with blake1221 but I must say that when I was learning to bend strings I practiced enough that I started to get little flap of skin coming away from my fingers (as the calluses that had already formed started to come away). This started to get really sore the deeper the flaps got so I did the unthinkable and glued em down. Im not saying this is the smart thing to do but it worked in this case - it also dried the skin out more, therefore hardening them further.

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I glue my fingernails sometimes, not my fingers. If I get on a crazy playing binge then my fingernails start to split, and that's painful. A little super glue on the edge of each nail solves the problem instantly. It's also a good idea to do it before a long show, IMO.
I did it but i found my fingers slipping alot. Not recommended
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In an interview I read that Jim Root of Slipknot superglues up any cuts so he can still play on stage. Seems like a crazy guy though
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