in the lightest corner of my room
an orange tree stands still
wearing headphones listening to sigur ros
leaves closed, limbs loose, rooted in sudden uncertainty
it turns to me and says
'which way is east and which is west? if i am to keep growing will i someday have a head and face like yours? where is my mother? where is my father? what was the name of the man who killed lincoln again? booth? yes, booth i believe. what are your thoughts on evolution? socialism? what do you think of the name thomas? i like it, quite a lot actually. do you have any brothers and sisters? what is this music i am listening to? it is quite lovely i must say. how long do i have to stand here for? when are you going to water me next? sometime soon i hope, i'm thirsty, i've gotten too much rest. will you trim the leaves off me that are beginning to wilt? does this over hanging limb in the front make my hips look big? answer me honestly, does it?'

i didn't know where to begin.
Last edited by rushmore at Sep 26, 2009,
This was so surreal that it took me a minute to register the action going on,
yet, it was just real enough that it didn't lose me,

I loved it
There were some little nitpicky things. But just little things.

I let this carry me away, and I got surprisingly very far into it for how short it was. This is wonderful.

Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
This reminded me of Richard Adams at his best, something like the Whale Monologue from Hitchhiker's Guide. Surreal, clever, funny and creative. What else do you need?