Hey UG.

I've decided that the days of playing on a 10 watt Mesa/Boogie Subway Rocket have finally come to a close. Although it has treated me very well the last few years, I want something bigger, better, and more versatile.

Simple things -
Budget - $1200 USD MAX. The less the better. Im a poor, stupid college kid. I'll be trading in my 1000W Carvin Bass amp, Fender Jazz Bass, and this Mesa, and thats about the value I come up with. Especially since I will most likely have to buy a cab. (See below).
Style - A lot of different styles. I don't play a lot of country, or really dark metal (Behemoth, etc.), but I do enjoy a good clean sound to get some 'stones, Blind Melon, or anything like that, all the way to Dethklok, and everything in between. The main styles I play though are 80's Metal (Priest, Maiden, some Metallica), and punk (Dead Kennedys, although i'm not a big fan of their tone, the Offspring, whose tone I LOVE, etc.). So being versitle in the high-gain range is a MUST.
Gear I Use - Jackson RR5, and a Fender USA Billy Corgan Strat.

I've been playing a few amps lately, and have found a few decent ones used, that tend to fall in that price-range sometimes.
Marshall JVM 410H
Mesa Dual Rec.
Orange Rocker 50.
Of course, I know there are many, many more out there. I haven't gotten my hands on a JCM 800 yet, although I've heard good things.
And this is what you are for UG! If you've played any of these, or recommend any of these for the styles I like, please, please, PLEASE give me your input! Anything is appreciated. Like any of these amps, tell me. Know of some secret, unknown brand that you think can make me completely happy, hell, tell me that too.

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get the dual rectifier. or craigslist it and get a triple rectifier.
the cab will be pretty easy to get cheap. you might not have to waste the whol 1200. maybe if you get lucky llike 800-900.

or maybe you could get a peavey xxx and a cab for somewhere around 700 bucks. and IMO the peavey xxx is a real competitor against the mesa boogie dual rectifier. its hard to choose between the two.

And BTW the orange wont be able to do real high gain metal stuff. or metal stuff that well, unless you put a good pedal in front of it.

theres my input. and i play neo-classical, classical, thrash(metal), blues, jazz.
maybe this will help you.
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