Hi guys I quit my previous band Specular and started writing some solo project stuff. My artist name is The Perplexed Mind, it really has no special meaning.... I guess? But I tend to hope my music wouldn't bore you.
Anyways I just got my first song record at home via Audacity, and I'm quite satisfied! My music isn't technical or anything, but I'd call it passionate!

Please take a look and hope you enjoy it =)


All I've got is a youtube account, I encourage you to and will welcome criticism! Thank you =)

EDIT: Yeah so now I have a total of FIVE songs up there. Not the best quality of course, as I am doing this stuff at home with audacity and DI... But good news is I'll be recording one of my songs at school with two friends, so I'll be getting some drums on a song as well =) ! thanks for watching
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I've put two new videos up! One of them is an original, kinda sucks to be honest =( the other ones a cover (I know I know this is the ORIGINAL recordings thread). I got a new guitar and thought about recording my new more "heavy" sounding original. It'll be tricky, but probably going to try recording this/ next weekend. =) cheers! and of course spread the word about my stuff if you don't mind =)
Long time no see! (to whomever follows my non-active thread) I got a new song done and going! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPs8meRG69s many say it's my best yet! And well it probably is because I recorded it at my schools studio with better equipment =p please give constructive criticism and feedback! Thanks guys!!!
ps. I'm writing a new song =p