So I'm a newbie. Just got my first guitar in the mail today. Never played a guitar before but I've played piano for 8 1/2 years in the past. So anyways I decided to get the Ibanez RG1570 Prestige for a starter. I got it in Used Mint condition and tried to tune it today. I wasn't understanding the manual so I just started tinkering around myself. I started tightening the strings with the allen wrench on the bridge and on the floating tremolo. I must have tightened the tremolo too much because the left side just popped out and I ended up spending an hour trying to dissect the guitar. I've popped it back in but it doesn't look right. It's a bit off angle and the floating tremolo is sunken down.
I'm thinking of just taking it to a professional tuner at SamAsh. How much would that cost?

This day didn't as planned
the reason it looks "sunken" is because it is now off balance. a floating bridge is designed to balance between the string tension and the spring tension. all you need to do to fix it tune up, then loosen the springs at the back until the vibrato system is level, then tune up since it will now be flat. you will probably need to repeat this twice and itll be back on balance.

if you've never played before, a floating bridge is probably a bad idea since they're time consuming and fiddly as all hell, but since you've got it, i would definitely take it to sam ash, and ask them to TEACH you to set it up properly while they're doing it. that way you only need to take it to them once.
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