for something like----E--------------7-----------7

would it be DDUUDDU

What i'm wondering is on the last note you are hitting do you do an up?
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As long as you're hitting the notes in a chord seperately, like you're doing here with the Em, it's an arpeggio. Downpicking or uppicking doesn't make a difference.

But it does help to plan ahead. For example, if you had to play a low Em after this, it would be a good idea to have the last note in this arpeggio played with an upstroke.
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^^ Depends entirely on you. Whenever I play this arpeggio I hit a downstroke. I find it easier as you can "turn" quickly from the descending to the ascending arpeggio. So the note on the e string is a downstroke and the next note on the b string is an upstroke.