So, I have a Peavey Valveking halfstack, and I'm getting a bit tired of the distortion on it for really heavy stuff, so what is the best way of getting a good death metal-y kind of tone out of it?

Would something like a tubescreamer push it into the death metal areas? Or would I be better off running a distortion pedal (like a metal muff?) into the clean channel?

Also, how would I be best off boosting my sound when I play solos? A volume pedal, EQ pedal or something else?

Thanks everyone
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I say go for a TS808 for what you're wanting to do.
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Thanks for the replies. Will the TS808 push it into death metal? Also has anyone tried the Metal Muff? The top boost looks really useful.
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top boost would be useful....or...go with an md2 mega distortion on the clean...truth is...you can never have enough
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its fizzy and the top boost makes you sound like dime.... >.>

i would go for an AMT Fatal Tube, Metalizer, R1/B1/P1
or a Tech 21 SansAmp GT2
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get an overdrive to boost your distortion..
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