Ok so im saving up for an ENGL, and the thing is that i have a Line 6 AX2 212 and it has some decent clean sounds on it but its too heavy so i was wondering how hard it would be to convert it into a head? What i am unsure about is that in the back of the amp it has two outs, left and right, ive heard its 50 watts each but how can i connect those to one cab? would it overheat the amp if i connect those two 50 watt cables to one 8ohm in the cab?
I remember there was a guy a while back who managed to do it with a Marshall of some sort.
Looked amazing, but anyway, it depends on the skill you have with things like cutting and electronics.

Sorry i can't answer any of your other questions :\

Check the gear mod/building forum and try and find it.
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Its actually quite simple to do, but you'd need a variety of skills... like wood-work, finishing, some electronics & soldering skillz, then you'd need to check how to cut and wire the speaker cables.

Its not a tough task, but it'll take a bit of research and planning.
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