Ibanez RG350EX

I got it for $480AUD on eBay with Hardcase and Dimarzio EVO Pickups
it's a bit oxidised, i love the metallic pickguard

My Old Guitar:

i hope that's me one day - i got the same 'old guitar, with same amp as well!
400 something as well as a case is da bomb!
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Looks like just a little bit of improvement.
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Nice. Big improvement over the old one, IMO. Now you need a better amp.
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Much, MUCH better, no **** that ten watt off and go for a marshall / line 6 half stack.
Or, combo might suit you better
Agreed with the above. A vast improvement compared to your Squire. Depending on the music you play, a modeling amp can be fun. Either the Peavey Vyper or Line 6 Spyder IV. With the modeling and effects capabilities, you won't have to buy pedals unless there is something specific you are looking for. Enjoy.
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