hey UG! are dorian arpegios same as phyrigian arpegios? or have i jst screwd up making the arpegios? thx
Dorian arpegios? Phrygian arpegios? You realise arpegios are based off of chords, not modes. Modes just define where the chord progression (or in this case, arpegio progression) resolves, and which chords can be started from which notes so that you stay in that key (ie ionian mode would have major minor minor as you're basic triad chords/arpegios for the 1st three notes in that mode)
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The only way I can think of that would result in different arpeggios is min9/min7b9, min13/minb13b9 and min11/min11b9.(Dorian on the left in both cases). And add9/add13's of course. But they're hardly your bog standard arps, I prefer to look at them as a sequence of 3-note arpeggios (i+III+v+VII for Dorian, i+III+vb5+vii for Phygrian), or simply stack 3rds.
Dorian = R 2 b3 4 5 6 b7
Phrygian = R b2 b3 4 5 b6 b7

So if you're stacking 3rds and taking the root, 3rd, 5th, 7th for your arpeggio, they'll both be

R b3 5 b7
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arpeggio = chord played by picking out individual notes
dorian + phyrgian = scales

if you mean what zhilla is saying above, then yes the arps containing r,3,5 will be the same notes
He probably ment what zhilla said.
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sorry i hvnt had time to check this, but yea i meant what zhilla said