I was wondering how Petrucci got that awesome clean tone in his vid. It sounds like the mids are scooped, and its sharp/tight without being too piercing. But I'm not sure, all I know it sounds great.
Very expensive amps. Theres a video on the mesa website where he talks you through his rig
One of the main parts of it to my knowledge is that (at least on the EBMM guits he has, not sure about the Ibby's he had at that time) but the middle pickup selection is the inner coils of both humbuckers rather than both humbuckers

And like crossy uk said he's got a rack set up that could rival the Voyager spacecraft
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the video was made in the late 90's. which at that time his main amp of choice was a mesa boogie mk iic+, or the mesa boogie triaxis preamp running into a simu-class 2:90 poweramp, and he probably used a t.c electronics 2290 for effects. if you watch the whole video there's a section in it that talks about his live rig, but if he used that for the video i don't know.