Hey guys, thanks for checking my post out first off. I'm looking to play a large variety of music. I plan on buying a mexican made strat HSS with a Maple neck.
I'm going to replace the humbucker and the pick ups, Here is what I have in mind.
Replace stock humbucker with DiMarzio SD
Replace stock singles with Fender hot noiseless.

With this, I feel like I could get a huge tonal range.

In YOUR opinion, is this a waste going into a MiM strat? Am I better off using that extra money for pickups towards a better guitar?

Me and a friend play a wide variety of music. Maybe stick with a normal MiM strat, and get a good amp? Let me know your feedback. As of now our two amps are garbage.
It would be quite versatile yes. However, it would help if you got the amp first I suppose, I mean, you can always get the guitar and all that later one. Just make sure if you're looking for an amp to get one that's good for a lot of styles.

I'd maybe put a vintage type single coil in there as well, you get better tones with them IMO.
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Maybe instead of the hot noiseless, get vintage noiseless?
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that might help a bit
Its definatly worth it. I think MIM Strats are the perfect guitars to mod. Why would you spend like $1000 on an MIA only to change everything about it?

Seriously though, you should probobly go for an amp first before all the mods. Mexi buckers arent the worst but they arent the best either. The amp will help you out alot more right now.
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I plan on buying this strat around black friday. I've had offers for used ones, but I'd rather have a guitar that's my own. Any suggestions for very versatile amps?