Just a verse and chorus atm and no lyrics (just came up with it). Wondering if it sounds good enough/interesting enough to go further. Also would like to know what people could imagine the vocals to be about perhaps. track is titled song idea on my profile. will C4C
I could have legs as either a verse/bridge, or some kind of turnaround, but I don't think you'd want this as a chorus. It has a pleasantly sleezy vibe, and I imagine some kick awesome drums and a punchy bass groove with this, indie rock style. As for lyric ideas, can't help you there.

Anyway, just hold onto it. Eventually you'll flesh this out, or you can just tack it onto another song you're writing, as a middle 8 for example.

Sorry, that probably wasn't very helpful... but crit4crit anyway?

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Thanks and don't worry it was helpful in ways. I'm just glad some one finally responded lol.

Anyone else have any advice to give?