hey guys, I want to record my guitar, and maybe some vocals or bass, could you guys help me choose a setup, i have a pc without a sound card, ive got reaper and some cables, i guess id need a mic and a sound card with a preamp if they exist, if not separate ones.

My budjet is 300 dollars, if its really worth it i can spend more, but id like to keep it low. What stuff do you guys suggest me to get, used is not an option and neither throught internet im getting it off sam ash.
As far as mikes go, a Shure SM57 should be good - normally used for guitars, works well with vox too. Not sure about bass though.

For recording I have a Line6 Toneport UX1, which works really nicely, and you can also record straight through it with a guitar, no need to mike it. Saying that, obviously miking up a decent amp is far superior to the Toneport.

Wouldn't be sure what to go for in the way of soundcards for recording.

Antes que comprarte una tarjeta de sonido te recomiendo comprarte una interface (USB o FireWire). Por lo general las tarjetas de sonido no tienen preamps entonces vas a tener que comprar la tarjeta de sonido mas un preamplificador por separado. Lo que va a ser bastante mas caro.

Las interfaces son 2 en 1.. tarjeta de sonido y tienen preamps incluidos. Y tambien tienen la ventaja de que lo podes llevar a donde quieras

Te recomiendo comprarte esta interface:
Emu 0404 USB 2.0

Cuesta U$S200 (en EEUU claro) y es la que tiene mejores reviews en su precio. Por lo que lei le rompe el culo a todos los de su rango de precio. Otra cosa.. no le tengas miedo al USB.. por experiencia propia el FireWire tiene más problemas de compatibilidad que el USB.

En el tema del mic nunca te vas arrepentir de un SM57... te va a durar de por vida y cuesta solo 100dls.

Saludos de Uruguay
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A condenser USB mic is most definitely the way to go. For $300 I'd get a Samson G-Track, either on its own for $130 (leaving you with enough money to buy other important bits) or possibly in a package like this for $250:


For $249 that's a perfect little package for recording vox, guitar and bass. The bass can be DI'd through the mic's line input, and for guitars you have a choice of mic'ing your amp with the condenser, or plugging your guitar straight into the DI and using amp sims (unless you're using a great amp, this method will get you much better tones at home).
I wouldnt buy a condenser as my first mic (I made that mistake). Dynamics will sound much better considering that your room is untreated. Condenser microphones are just TOO sensitive and will pickup all the reflections of the room.

Condenser arent better than dynamics.. they are just different. And in this case a dynamic is without doubt the best choice.

EMU 0404 USB interface + SM57 is the way to go. It is a solid combination which you will still using years from now (as opposed to the Samson package). Also keep in mind that MOST cheapo condensers are really LAME. With U$S 100 you can buy either an SM57 or an Audix I5 which are pro mics.

Dont get fooled by that Samson package
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