Well as of right now i'm using a crappy old digital camera and it has horrible video.. I would like to get a video camera that doesn't drain my wallet.. i was looking at the Kodak Zi8 and some people say it's good other's say it's bad..

I would preferably like somthing that i can put in my pocket(hence the reason for liking the zi8 kodak...) like i said above somthing that won't kill my wallet and send it back to the stone age.lol. it needs good video quality and be able to take still pictures.. along with good sound quality obviously. It doesn't need to have still picture but it would be a bonus if it did. If it's bigger then my pocket well o well i guess.. just need a good camera..

any suggestions.. and don't suggest a digital camera because i want a video camera..

and don't tell me i need a knew amp because i'm sick and tired of hearing about it


i've got one of those almost. i think mine must be an old version its almost exactly the same but not as futuristic. picture is great but you need a good mic for a good sound. if u type in google zi8 theres one with a mic plugged into, looks like that would be good.. no idea though picture is brill.