Okay here's my story. I recently joined a band with 2 friends, both guitarist, one who is okay but thinks he's amazing, and the other is a beginner, who has been playing for less than a month. We hadn't practice yet so I felt it was time to recriut band members. The beginner guitarist also has a drum set, and since we practice at my house, he left it here. Now I've always wanted a drum set, and thought this would be a great opportunity to at least have one in my room. But the big part is breaking the band to my good friend, an amazing guitarist, but we both have been trying to start a band, and would flip out if I told him.

So I tell him about the band, he laughs, and says it will be a failure, and to be honest, I think it will too, but I was too happy about a drumset at my house. The reason, so I could start a better band with the drummer having no need to transport his set. After me and my best friend had a good laugh, I told him, he should be the drummer, something he always wanted to do, which he agreed. I finally convince the guitarist to let him, and I thought this could be better. I have a drumset for when me and my best friend start our band, and he isn't mad at me for joining a band without him.

First practice goes okay, both guitarist don't know what they're doing, I'm bass so I'm just sitting there trying to follow the guitarist terrible playing, and my good friend on drums isn't doing bad. After the guitarist leave, me and the drummer talk how this is terrible and we can't wait till our band gets started.(We are waiting for our other guitarist to heal from an injury, and are looking for a drummer)

Next practice, my good friend, the drummer, brings 2 people, a girl who he flirts with the whole practice even though he has a girlfriend, and one of his friends who wants to learn to drum. Not even halfway through practice, he leaves the drumset to flirt with this girl, and never returns to the set, so I take over the set. When they decide to go to Tim Hortons , leaving me and the 2 guitarist, they say there kicking him out, and I told them I'll break it to him, mainly cause he was pissing me off cause off his actions. So practice is over and I tell him they're kicking them out, he says he's glad, and we start talking about the other band were gonna start now that we have a drumset at my house.

So later that night, I get a text from his girlfriend saying they broke up, And my natural reaction was to text him. I then try to start talking about the band we wanna start, but he says "why bother, none of you's likes to play with me anyways". Now, I start flipping out saying I still wanna start a band with him and I want him back on drums. But I find out the guitarist told him I wanted to kick him out, so thats why he's acting this way. So I talk to the guitarist to convince to let him back in the band, saying I'll make rules for our band that everyone has to follow. I make it, text it to them and I wake up this morning to the guitarist saying the drummer doesn't like the rules. I text my good friend and ask why doesn't he like the rules. He tells me he's not in a band and none of us wanna play with him, but I still want him in the band and start another band with him. I told him, if he's out I'm out, and he didn't text me back. Pit, what do I do, stay, quit or what?

tl;dr joined a band with a good friend and he got kicked cause of the way he acted. I wanna start a band with him and he doesn't wanna anymore cause the guitarist told him I wanted him out and he has the impression I don't wanna start a band with him. This band sucks btw, and I'm only in it for the drumset at my house
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so your using everyone to get a drum set at your house? sneaky
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not everyone just the 2 guitarist
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message me you're from UG first

I can't think of anything to put here