So im doing a documentary on the influence of metal on bands and fans alike. Im looking for some interview with bands and/or fans and was wondering if anyone would want to do an interview and send it to me?

If you would like to just comment and ill send you the questions
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Does it have to be in video format or could I just type up responses and give them to you?

I'd prefer video if at all possible
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Look on youtube and look at interviews with specific bands, or just go around interviewing fans.

Ah. I could do that but i wanted it to be original with questions i made up
Well, there are some users on UG that have bands of their own. You can start out with asking them questions?

Check people's sigs or profiles, their band will usually be in there.
My band is in neither my sig nor profile, but I'df appreciate it if you asked me about it anyway.
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Well we changed the idea anyway. We need to get a broader audience so we changed it but we'll still need interviews
i'd be willing to type a response to your questions and have that as my contribution to your interview. i don't have any materials at the moment to show as a video.
Post a vid on youtube.
Ask a few questions.
Get Video Responses.

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Sure ask me anything . I don't have a webcam so I will have to have it in text.
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Good idea.

Why not tour the country with your video camera and talk to as many bands as you can?

That's about what Sam Dunn did!

He also had money to pay the bands to be interviewed.
contact guys in the metal forum with bands. and if someone sends u text responses, hav it play with subtitles on a blank screen and someone saying the responses
id be happy to conrtibute that way if u needed it
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