hey guys? Im looking to make my 5150's cleans atleast useable. They sound good when it's just single notes or something but when you start rocking some chords it sounds like butthole. Any advice?
I use a rocktron tsunami chorus, its very nice.
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I'll probably improve them, but I doubt it'll make that much difference. Maybe buy a cheaper head for cleans?

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If you're not trying to use the 5150 as essentially a 3 channel amp with the crunch switch (assuming they have one? My 6505+ does), you can keep the crunch switch on, dial the pre back to 0, and crank up the post and it gives you some damn nice cleans, especially compared to the way most people have it set when they bitch about cleans.
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lower your guitar's volume
use a compressor
and a bit of chorus if you want
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lower your guitar's volume
use a compressor
and a bit of chorus if you want
And raise your bass and cut your mids a bit on the amp.
a compressor and some EQing does the clean channel good.
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Delay maybe not, but a hint of chorus and reverb should help a little.
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try an EHX knockout attack EQ, makes pretty much any horrible clean sound nice
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You live in America right? take the 200 you were going to spend on a pedal, work a bit harder, double it and get a Silverface Fender Super Twin. You and the fellow mixing your band will thank me later when you have one of the loudest clean tones kicking around.
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