I've got a little problem.
As described in the previous theard:https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1203839 i want to buy an amp but my parents wont allow me because they think that im not quite good enought.
Then i thought that i could buy an effect for now.
my budget will be 100-200$ for an dist effect.
i play alot of ac/dc, metallica, guns and roses.
people recommended me to buy the crunch box.
are there any other good option?
will the effect sound well through frontman 25R?
thanks for the answers.
save up/
THEN get a Vox VT30
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Quote by WTF!!is a TAB
save up/
THEN get a Vox VT30

There are much better amps out there than the VT's. I had one for a few months and sold it because it sounded too digital to me.

But he's right... save your money for something that YOU like.
if you would have read my link/thread you would know that i have about 500$ but my perents dont think that i should buy new gear due to my lvl.(as if i won the lotto and the day later humanity seized to exist)
in your experience as seen in my channel:http://www.youtube.com/user/sbhsbh100
do i play well enough to buy a new gear?
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Purchasing gear has nothing to do with skill level... it's more about if you can afford it.

Edit: there are plenty of people out there that can't play their instruments that well, yet they still have expensive gear... just like there are some amazing musicians that can't afford top shelf gear.
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You should try some pedals in guitar stores then decide if you like or not. If you do, then go buy it.

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usually the prices of effect in israel are 1.5 times more expansive then in the usa.
but with some special items that their price was cut off to 0.7 of an american price, witch are:
-Series® EX-7 Expression Factory digitech,Brian May Signature pedal - XASBM digitech.
some of the zoom multi effects are cheap as well(but still more expansive then in the us).
would you recommend me to buy a cheap multi-effect or some serious single effect such as the crunch box?
Seriously, if I were you, I would just practice all day long.
And work on your sense of rhythm, not just techniques.
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Tell your parents that you refuse to become better until you have a better amp.
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