Is there any way to make a good fog machine instead of going out and buying one? My band has a song called Gas Attack and I thought it would be cool to just fog up the whole room when we play that song. So I was wondering how to make a fog machine instead of purchasing one. Thanks!
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its really hard to fog a whole room.... my band has 2 machines and they barely are noticeable past the stage.
It may prove difficult to fog up an ENTIRE room...the stage would definitely suffice. You have to take into consideration that while you and the rest of your band would think it's awesome, someone who doesn't know who you are/what the idea is behind it would be getting plastered with smoke and have their vision impaired, and most people don't care for that.
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You can rent fog machines if you don't want to buy one. Check places who rent PA gear. They'll often have them.

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If you want to fog up a small area like the stage, try putting some dry ice into a bucket of warm water. Experiment with that until you get the amount of fog you want, and maybe put a low power fan behind the buckets.
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