Hey. Im looking for a cheap Jaguar style guitar to play stuff like The Silversun Pickups and The Airbourne Toxic Event. Im looking into a Squire Jagmaster. Would this sound alright? Im using a peavey Bandit 112 and a Zoom G2. Any alternatives? Brand isnt important. Looking more for body shape and tone. Will go used. Thanks in advance.
Its actually a pretty good guitar. I dont think the pickups will suit your style but thats an easy fix.

You have my blessing

Oh btw do you have enough pedals to dedicate a guitar to the Silversun style? :P
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haha not yet. Im working on it. And an amp upgrade is on the way soon hopefully. My main style is metal but I feel like im limiting myself so I want to branch out more and play a few different styles. But Im looking more for that clean sound, because my schecters cant do that clean fender sound. Also what pedals would you suggest. Im thinking maybe a fuzz pedal for the dirty tones and a delay of some sort for just cleans but I dont have a lot of experience with those kinds of effects.
does anyone ese have an opinion on the guitar, maybe another suggestion, or any advice as far as pedals go?