I'm going to try and join it, and since I am 1 of 2 8th grade guitarists that are kinda experienced(only a couple years) and I was wondering what chords I should expect. And before you say that I could just ask my music teacher, he doesn't know the songs we'll be playing, so you guys know just as much as him.
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know your 7th chords and you will be fine. Major7, Dom7, Minor7, Dim7, Minor7b5.
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6th chords
7th chords
9th chords
minor/major chords

none else that I can think of off the top of my head. don't have my jazz band music with me
Basically seventh chords of all sizes. It'd be a pretty **** school band that couldn't tell you how to make the chords you needed though. I shouldn't worry about it.

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When I took jazz, my teacher really liked pieces that had 11th and 13th chords. But the chords that these other guys posted will definitely be used as well. And be sure that you brush up on your sight reading skills, because not all jazz music has the guitar chords written above
It shouldn't be very hard. I played trombone in mine, but I also learned to play all the guitar parts and nothing was hard. The pieces get a lot more difficult in high school though.

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Alright, I'll probably get to learning 7ths. Also, I won't need to practice any sight reading skills right now, since I remember seeing the guitar chords when asking for tabs of the music. After that, I was determined to learn my chords. Thanks everyone.
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When I was in jazz band, I was lucky enough to have a guitar teacher that taught me A string roots of the 7 and 9 chords.

You use 7 and 9 chords a lot in jazz, if you come across some crazy ass chord like an F6 add13/9, usually you can pull off a major chord off of those.
Your in the exact same situation i was in like a week ago....definetely know the 7ths major 7ths minor 7ths 9ths and u should be fine you will probably come across one or two diminshed or augmented so just look them up and make sure u PRACTICE THE SHAPES over and over
ps: results were posted today at my school and i made it


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