Not an actual guitar. You probably messed up the name.
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ibanez website, google images,ebay etc etc..........goto a guitar shop with a camera phone and sneek a pic, better still play one.

and it`s 370 DX not BX
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I own an Ibanez RG370DX. It was a great guitar until the neck warped. Now I can't play anything below the 4th frets because I get horrid fret buzz. Other than that, the double locking trem is very good quality and has smooth action. The machine heads are extremely smooth as well, even after over 4 years of playing.

Thing is, I baby'd that guitar and the neck still got twisted. The only solution is to remove the frets, inlays, everything that's metal from the neck upwards. Then take it to a wood planer and do a best guess at resurfacing the fretboard. OR. Buy a new neck on ebay for ~175$ and even then, it's just the wood. You have still have to install all the metal hardware yourself.

Overall I think Ibanez makes good guitars, I have played a lot of 'em and I enjoyed most of them thoroughly. I believe I just got a lemon. Even Gibson puts out Les Pauls that suck big fat donkey balls ocasionally, but they also put of an occasional gem. Luck of the draw, especially when ordering online. You can't feel the guitar and play it till you get it, but most places have a 30-45 day return policy. Those shipping and restocking costs add up quick though. I don't like the HUGE markups at guitar stores or the fact that every little dumb kid in the city has played, mis-handled, and beat on the guitar that your paying premo prices for.

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^ did you try adjusting the truss rod and giving it a proper setup before unleashing the power tools.