Who played the solo of DECEMBER FLOWER of in flames?

Seems like some confusion as somebody say Michael Amott, Wikipedia says Fredrik Johansson of Dark tranquility paled it.

And one one more thing is that can u tell me/ any idea why In Flames do not cover December Flower in live concerts?

Thank u...
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TS: Do you have the CD? Check the liner notes in the booklet.
Ask in the metal forum. They probably know better than we do.
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TS: Do you have the CD? Check the liner notes in the booklet.

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According to Wiki:

Fredrik Johansson − lead guitar on "December Flower"

Apparently he's from a band called 'Dark Tranquility'
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The solo was played by Fredrik Johansson, but it wasn't Fredrik Johansson from Dark Tranquility, it was Fredrik Johansson from Dimension Zero (he played lead guitar on their demo Penetrations From The Lost World).

There is only one live recording of December Flower being performed,and here it is:

They didn't play the solo because, let's face it, they aren't the most technical soloists around,and probably couldn't be bothered to learn it. It's a shame,because they did this with a lot of their old stuff - not playing acoustic sections of the songs, not playing solos (or playing only half of the solos),etc.
I'm sorry I can't really give you a better answer than the ones given already - Fredrik Johansson most likely did it.
Definitely my favourite In Flames solo of all times though, I absolutely love it.
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