I haven't cleaned my guitar yet(the entire guitar), and I know that water makes wood bad and stuff so I decided to ask here.
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what part of the guitar? for the fret board, if its rosewood then get some fretboard cleaner or i have heard that a little bit of pledge works too
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definatly wouldn`t wash it.

wipe it down with a damp cloth (on the dryer side of damp) dry it thoroughly, then use normal guitar polish.

if you polished it once a week and wiped it down after playing it you wouldn`t need water.

Don't use paper towels! Buy a polishing/cleaning cloth to clean your guitar. Only like $3-$4 at your guitar store. It's worth it in the long run.
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I think damp and not wet is the key aspect of this phrase here...

I'd say get some cleaner or polish that's made specifically for cleaning a guitar. Not because you can't do it otherwise, but because it'll eliminate a lot of wasted time and trial/error.
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