I'm well versed in
buildingSinking ships
fostering dependence
and falling in love with closet hypocrites.
Mesmerized by ink stained skin and crippling habits.
This is my midnight hour,
shallow bathtub blackout.
I can't keep this up,
this wasted... factory
and its old machines.
I've reached my renaissance!
I'm finished with obsolescence
and the adolescent-esque.
No machine made parts!
just the finest hand made art!
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im a machinist and i think i've found my anthem....incredible the whole thing.everything about it in every way is amazing.found a counterpoint in a complete strangers writing.thanks for posting this.....btw dig the avatar.
This was very nice. At first the second half didn't seem to make sense or fit with the first. But upon another read I can truly appreciate the metaphors and presentation of this piece. I just feel that the bit about the machines and hand made art is confusing and is too easy to take literally. But otherwise fantastic read. I'm looking forward to reading more of your stuff
Thanks everyone for the feedback. I really appreciate it and I wasn't expecting WotW at all, but that's pretty sweet!

Also, I actually agree with this piece being "wotw".
Promises meant a lot back then.
i read this earlier today, and thought it was good. may be back with some thoughts. congrats!
Dude, you said you were going to show this to me but i decided to go ahead and read it while i was on here. It's pretty sweet. You should wow em with some of your other stuff too. It is all crazy...