I have an old(27 years) Laney K50R 50 watt solid state amp that i got off ebay a while back. It seems to have a bit of a buzz when its turned on, even at fairly low volumes.

It seems to be louder when the treble is up.

Any ideas how i could fix this?
ground problem?? maybe??

EDIT: try with a different cable, maybe it is broken

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Does it have a ground switch on it?

(and are you sure it's not your guitar?)
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It has distortion(klipp) but its is off. It might be a grounding issue. But i have no idea how I fix this?
And its not my guitar because it still makes the same buzz when the guitar is not pugged in
I don't think it has a ground switch in it. What would it look like?
The caps may need to be replaced. It could be poorly grounded. The transistors may need replacing.

I'd take it to a tech, as I'm not convinced it's something you could fix.
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