My dad has an old JCM 800 Lead Series Marshall tube head. I would like to replace the tubes in it so I can get a lot of volume out of it and a good clean tone. I plan on running a distortion pedal into it for wel...you guessed it, my distortion.

So what tubes should I look into?
And if you have any recomendations on a good distortion pedal please do tell. I'm looking for something under $75.
Thanks in advanced
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This is not going to end well. Prepare to be flamed.

But really

-Does it not work right now?
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Quote by dcdossett65
This is not going to end well. Prepare to be flamed.

But really

-Does it not work right now?

It works but I have been told to look into replacement tubes. This amp used to be my dads so its been around for a while and the tubes have never been replaced.
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I suppose you want a distortion pedal to switch between cleans and distortion, right? You don't need a distortion pedal with a JCM 800. Instead, you roll down your volume knob to get cleans.

As for tubes, JJs and Marshalls seem to go over well. NOS Mullards would be even better.
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Dude. If it's working fine, and all you need are tubes... you wont need a distortion pedal.

Maybe an OD to tighten it up. Depend's on what you are going for. That thing (again, if it's working right) will have plenty-O-balls on the distortion front.

What kind of sound are you going for band-wise?

Look up the amp on youtube to get an idea of what it can do.
Kerry King's sig amp is a JCM 800, albeit modern and modified, but it's still an 800 - and he don't use no distortion pedal.
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lol ***? You want to use a JCM800 for cleans and run a distortion pedal through it?

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If I understand you correctly, I would look at some Tung Sol power tubes and maybe consider a 12AT7 preamp tube in V2. You may need all fresh preamp tubes anyway. How old is this amp and when was the last time it got a fresh set of tubes and re-bias?

For disti pedals, I recommend a clean boosting Overdrive pedal like a Maxon 808, Tubescreamer or Bad Monkey. Set the Gain at 0 and the Level at 10 and you are golden my friend.