I like it, but you could do a little bit of work on your transitions between notes. At times it seems a little too halting.

Other than that, great job!
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veryyy precise playing haha. i wouldnt mind more distortion and less chorus though.
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really nice cover, liked your tone too,
1 thing that bothered me was the tapping part, you started it like a little late and continued with that and it just sounded weird, listen to the song in slowmo so you get the timing exactly right, im sure you can do it without any probs...
ive covered the same song, its uploaded in my profile, c4c please?
very nice dude
enjoyed it alot
satch is awesome
you should try to do summer song its a fun one

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It's real clean, but you look bored as 'ell.

Put some thought into your dynamics, and play like you're interested.. you'll notice a huge difference.
Really good man.....loving the tone as well!!!!!
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Nice cover. Watch your overbending at times. Needs a little more fluidity in the playing, but overall very well done.