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My friends and I had a discussion today.

When people say, "If I were you..." what's the subject?

I know we use "was" whenever the subject is "I."
Why do we use "were" instead of "was?"
or is "you" the subject of this statement?

I'm confused.
I think whatever comes after that would be the subject
ex. "If I were you, I'd buy that car"
And the subject would be buying the car... maybe...
if i were you is in the present tense, and if i was you is in the past
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Were. It's the subjunctive.
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More importantly, I think this saying's wrong, because if you WERE me, you'd do exactly what I'm deciding to do.
Were you in my position, still as you, it may end differently.
wtf is the question we are answering?

If i were you, i'd ask only one question for a poll
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depends if you're talking about that instant moment or of the past
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I is the subject
It's a conditional statement (or subjunctive, as someone said)

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"If I were you" is not a complete sentence so it cannot have both a subject and a predicate.
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