I don't really see the point of lugging around a guitar to play through a 1" amp that probably sounds like siht anyway.

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Yeah I have one. It is a pretty good mini amp...really, I don't know how much better you can get, but I haven't tried many others.

It is LOUD for what you would expect, and it actually sounds pretty good. Great for practicing or messing around in a coffee shop and stuff.
Need a website? I can make you one for pretty cheap.
I have one and if you have no other option for an amp get it, i use mine for when i go on vacation.
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orange micro crush! sounds wayyyyy better, and has a tuner. I have both, so trust me. Orange is the way to go.
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Well if you dont really need a speaker you can get a Vos amPLUG headphone amp. I have the metal and it is really good for 40 bucks.
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I really wouldn't recommend any mini amps unless you're going on a trip out somewhere that doesn't have power and you can't take an acoustic guitar along, Mini amps just don't sound good. I tried four of them and not one sounded good enough for me, Not only did they sound bad but you can't get enough bass out of a speaker anywhere near that small. If you do decide to buy one don't pay more than $20 for one because they're probably all very close, Tone wise. Some may have more drive than others but that's it.
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I would get a Roland Micro Cube, very good amps for practicing. Or if you need something smaller, a Vox amPlug.
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danelectro honeytone's are good, but there's also a mini amp called amp u plug n'play you can find it and sound quality examples at www.ampuplugnplay.com it sounds really good, Im getting one soon.
I'd suggest the Honeytone too. A few months ago I was looking for a little amp and it was the best I found. I ended up getting a Vox amPlug though. The sound is better then that of a mini amp, imo. You can use the aux out to play it through a radio or something if you want to be heard.
Im sorry but that amp is on the same level as this ....

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Why not just get a Line 6 POD or something with headphones? That way when you get a proper amp you can still use it as an effects processor thing.
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