I've never played this specific douglas guitars, But in my opinion, I think they're nothing specail. Decent guitars for the money. And that guitar has a nice floyd rose, may I add.
Honestly, i dont care for the pickups style much, but if you like that style, go for it

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Hmm ok thx. I think i might be tone deaf because ive played an american strat and mim strat and it sounded the same to me and ive also played a bunch of higher end 1000$ guitars that sounded the same as 400$ guitars.
Anytime I've ever played anything associated with rondo (Brice, Douglas, SX) I've had the same impression.

It's always had a nice thick alder/mohgany body. But they skimped on everything else. The electronics are bad, pot sucks, beidges are terrible, tuner aren't stable and the fretwork has been shoddy.

I think you would be better off looking in the used market for something. MIM Fenders, some Epi's, Ibanez RG's something like that....