so im getting a gibson SG... and i was thinking, maybe getting a raw power, but they're to heavy (?) so I'm getting a standard, i was thinking about putting a P-90 in, and a humbucker! so i was wondering whats good for hardcore punk kind of RKL style... now which one would be better for a bridge pick up, and which for a neck pick up...i play lead and i know everyones going to say oh don't get a P-90 for that genre but i like them. also, what model pickups
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I've got an SG classic, which is all P-90 gibson stock, so I can attest that they sound great. On a side note, am I the only one who finds the name of your genre of choice hilarious?
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i think if u buy a humbucker build SG, ull be limited to a gibson p-94, and a few humbucker sized duncan/dimarzio p-90 bars. check them out on youtube/seymourduncan. doing this will be easier than getting a p-90 sg and modding it for a humbucker (requires drilling, but some will argue p-94s just arent the same as p-90s)

i think the p-90 style pup would be better in the neck for cleans and very bitey rhythm , and the humbucker in the bridge for leads.
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doesn't the raw power come with burstbuckers?

And how heavy can an SG be? It's one of the smallest body shapes there are. the neck is thicker than the body lol.
What amp are you using?

Good or bad, wait until you've actually got the guitar before even thinking about changing pickups.
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