stopped by the local shop today and found a 68 les paul deluxe on consign.. the price seemed cheap to me even though its beat to crap.. what could this thing be worth (if refinished/restored or as it sits?).. anyone?
there currently one going on ebay for $4,999

so id say anywhere from 4-6k depending on finish, damage, weather parts have been replaced ect
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Look on Ebay see what they have been selling for.

If more than $3000, buy that one, put $500 or so into it, and flip it... Unless it's worth the 3 - 4k to you to keep it.
I'd buy it, keep it, cherish it. The way Gibson is now, it's a priceless gift to yourself.
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It really does look like it's been put through hell, check it for things that could really screw with you, neck warpage, stuff like that. I think I read that as $1500? looks like a pretty good deal, oh and check the serial no and make sure it's not a fake.
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