Doing well with it for having only practice 5 days, but im having some discomfort and pains now in my hand. Anyone else experience this when they started playing in this posistion? Is it normal until my muscles build up? I like this technique and realize its the only way il be able to do the runs i want to do on the neck like some of my favorite players, thanks guys.
I just switch hand position like 3 days ago and at first it did hurt until I got really comfortable and managed the pressure. After that Im glad I did it.
<<<<I play classical btw
Yeah, I switched about 5 years ago. Well worth it.

I think some discomfort, aches and stuff, is normal at first. You're using different muscles after all. Be sure to stretch thoroughly before playing. Now, if you're getting actual pains (as opposed to aches) that's a whole different deal and could be a sign that something is wrong.
As long as it's note sharp/acute/jolting pains, you should be fine. You taught your body something new, it has to adjust.
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Ah okay, thats good to hear. Yea its just sharp acute pains i feel after i play for a lil bit, then i break til the pain goes away and keep practicing. I see progress, but now i REALLY feel like im relearning playing the guitar, but like everyone says, to play that way its well worth it. Guess im in a good place to take a break from playing in a band right now. :/