I've been in the market for a new guitar for a long time, but just can't settle on something. I just can't seem to find the perfect guitar that has everything I want. A guitar I think I'd be happy with is ESPs Horizon Nt-II, because it's so versatile and comfortable for me to play (I wish the neck wasn't painted though). It also sounds great (and can go single-coil), but is unable to produce a thick heavy rhythmy sound like the ESP Eclipse. Which creates another problem because 98% of what I do is rhythm (not saying the Horizon can't do it, but it's more bright and leady than the Eclipse). Now the Eclipse does that great, but it seriously lacks in the versatility department compared to the Horizon (especially with EMGs versus passive Duncans), and it also doesn't feel as comfortable to play as the Horizon to me. Oh and there's a used Soloist and DK1 for a good price around here, but if I'm buying a main guitar I don't want it to have a floating bridge, I've made that mistake before. I'm not sure what kind of a response I'm looking for, but I'm started to get frustrated because I just bought a 6505+ and feel like my guitars aren't doing it justice. Does anyone have any magical solutions or suggestions?

By the way does anyone know when guitar companies release their new year catalogues?