I am having some serious GAS for a new les paul shape guitar for Downtuned metal. I would use this gutiar for E flat, Dropped D, D standard, and Dropped C tuning. I like these two a lot and am hoping to go play each within the next month. I have played the EC-1000 VB twice before and it is really good, but I would like to know how the Epiphone is because I have never seen it before and would like to know how the two stack up and which one is made better. Any input is appreciated.
they will both sound similar, emgs, mahogony body..etc. the epiphone is along the same quality as their customs, while is very good, i dont think itll compete all that well against an EC-1000, but the epiphone is a lot cheaper isnt it?

but no matter what anyone can say, they will be similar enough where its just a matter of preference, mostly with the neck profile and cosmetics.
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Nah the ESP is only 50/70 bucks more than the Epiphone, and the esp has 2 volume 1 tone controll where the epiphone only has one of each, and the neck pups are different. A 60 vs a 85. Other than that and different neck profiles, there is not much of a different between the two, so im gonna try them out, but ive played the esp before and loved it.
the colour scheme of the LTD is amazing.

Just curious, how is the neck on that guitar? And does that one come with EMGs or SDs?

I've played a prophecy SG, it was cool, and the satin neck was nice, but the inlays and stuff made it seem really cheap.
They both comes with EMGs the LTD has the 81/60 and the epi has the 81/85 but the LTD comes in a variant that has SDs (SH-4 JB and 59 Jazz I believe) As for the neck profile, not too sure since I haven't played the epi and the last time i played the esp was a year ago, but im guessing they both mimic a gibson lp neck but the ltd is probably a tad thinner, but not to sure.
+1 for the EC-1000
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ec-1000, simply because MIK>MIC. Oh, an d for the most part, LTD>Epiphone.
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