I don't not much about any style of guitar so forgive me, but what is the difference between classical and spanish guitar. Is see 5 finger picking and nylon strings.
Well, as for the guitar itself, there is no difference.

Musically there is no difference. There is fingerpicking and chords and melodies, etc.
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I'm no expert on classical guitar, but it's like Spanish guitar is usually referred to as classical guitar, but there are other nations of origin for classical guitar songs. Some people say that some songs "sound spanish", and others don't, which I do agree with (not completely sure of why said songs sound "spanish"). But Spanish Guitar is generally classical guitar.

If I've made any errors or anything like that, feel free to correct me.
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Spanish music is played with nylon stringed guitars like classical music. In classical music you can play music from the Renaissance up to contemporary music, coming from all over the world, be it Spain or Cuba or Australia. Spanish music is only found in Spain and is made up of Spanish folklore music. It's not classical music even though it's played on a classical guitar. The folklore in Spain is very diverse with music from the north and south being completely different.