Hi everyone, I'm getting a new amp for my birthday and the maximum I can spend is around 360$.

I need help cause I see a lot of cool amps in the internet but here in Puerto Rico there's no guitar centers and stuff like that and I don't get to test the amps I want.

I need an amp for band practice in a very small and closed space, we play metal and the double pedals from the drummer is the only thing I can hear when I use my worthless 15-watter there. I want to use this amp for gigging too if possible.

I have done lots of research and I was planning on getting a B-52 AT-112 60-watt 1x12 tube combo. That's 359.99$ at musicians friend.

If anyone knows if this is going to fit my needs please tell me...other recomendations would be cool and I'm also planning to to use a line 6 uber metal pedal with this just in case. Thanks.
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wont need the pedal.

i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
yeah, that's probably one of the best amps for the price
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Truly there is few, if any at all, that can beat the B-52 at that price range. Also agree that you don't need the pedal.
LOL u are totally right...last Q...are u guys sure I will be heard loud and clear?