Hey guys,

So we're trying to record with this little device and it's Cubase LE 4 software, everything is hooked up and working up to the computer part of it all, but when I click the record button, it's just a straight up line like it's not recording anything. I can tell that everything is getting to the computer, because in the program we can see the line level varying down on the audio activity. That's another problem, we can't see the line level on the actual channel monitors/volume thing. We have the recording button and monitor button enabled for the individual audio track.
Help? Probably something obvious, but I just want to know.
have you downl9oaded the newest tascam drivers, i had this prob and the latest drivers fixed it
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Don't think we have... but it did work when we first set it up about 4 hours ago. We were just messing around a bit after we got it set up, and it recorded and played back. But now that we've come back to it, it isn't recording, only showing that the mic is getting all the way to the computer/program.