I REALLY tried to come up with something with some more "METALZ", but I guess I just don't have what it takes. So grabbed my acoustic, and this is what came out. Songs are "Wounded Bird" and "11:45" in the profile. C4C


Thanks in advance

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Wounded Bird was very enjoyable. I like the vocal rhythm in the verse, kinda bouncy. Should expand on it because it was a bit short and it was enjoyable :\

11:45 was tight. Not much else to say.

Your vocals are very solid and reminds me a lot of Marcy Playground

You should maybe throw in a small solo in each song. I've always enjoyed a solo in an acoustic piece.
Wounded Bird was pretty good, although I hate to say a little bit generic and too short. You should keep working with it and see if you can change it up a bit.
11:45 was GREAT though. Great chord progression, awesome vocal delivery, not much I can say against that one. Great job.
And I have extreme trouble writing "METALZ" stuff too haha.
I liked the sound of wounded bird. Just too short man. Certainly work on expanding it.

11:45 was good. Raise the guitar volume just a tad imo. Other than that they sound good.
Wounded Bird's vocals sounded really honest. The song could be really great with two guitars hitting those chords harder. But it ends abruptly, is it supposed to be this short or were you going for that effect? Would have to agree that it was a tad generic with the chords but there really is nothing wrong with that.

11:45 had more unique chords and the vocals suited well to the mood of the song. Kinda eerie and daunting. Interesting lyrics too.

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the chords and melody of the verse is just like 500 miles from the proclaimers, which is very funny cos they got featured in family guy, which is, also very funny