It's pretty short, it's longer when I play it... some notes are meant to ring out, or be bent a certain way, but this is meat and bones. It's about 13 seconds it cut off the final 2 notes. It clocks in at about 30 seconds or so when I play it, but yeah, I've only been playing for about... almost 3 years? So it isn't anything special, just some sweeps and yeah.
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That's gonna be a toughy to set to any decent chord progression. It's not bad, but personallly I don't think there's much scope for improvement because it seems like fretboard wankery and little more. Play it to exercise your fingers, sure, but it probably won't have much more use beyond that...
yeah like previous posters said, you've gotta sort of get the chord progression going first, like get the groove you want and key etc. etc. and work from there
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The intro was somewhat promising, with a metally/blues feeling. Then it went straight into arpeggios, and repeating the root note twice sounds terrible btw.

I'd maybe keep the start, discard the rest.