Hello fellow guitarists,

I've just started learning the song Ocean by John Butler Trio.

I'm having a hard time getting these parts to sound loud enough. I can play them (the last one not up to speed yet, but that comes down to practice and I know I can do it), but it's kind of hard getting it loud enough to be able to play while basking, for example. For those who don't know the song but are still willing to help:

Bass notes tapped with right hand, everything else played with hammer ons/pull offs

A faster passage, no right hand tapping but still lots of HO/PO

Tips, etc... ?
Just practice. I had the same problem, but with practice comes strength and with strength comes volume. Keep at it.
damn that is THE one really masterpiece instrumental

i have no tips but just wanna wish u good luck!!
Fretsonfire74: Okay, if it just comes down to practicing it shouldn't be too hard to get up the volume. In fact, I feel like it's already louder.

wolvenrick: Thanks, that's the exact reason I wanna learn it.

Also, in the part where he reaches his first climax (yes, yes, very funny...), I have trouble making the 12th and 11th frets ringing out, because I'm strumming everything it sort of turns into an indistinguishable mush.