Hi. I'm new to bass playing (usual story of a guitarist who started to wonder). and while my playing is pretty good I'm having trouble getting a decent tone.

I play mainly anternative music (experimental things like post rock and indie). I'm trying to get a tone thats quite sharp sounding and clear but also bassey and distored. Not a trebley twang or as excessive bass rumble.

I play a Squier 70's Jazz bass though an Ashdown perfect 10 with a Zoom B2 pedal and a RokTeck 6 band EQ. So although my sounds is limited through this, the zoom pedal does help quite a lot and has decent EQ and noise reduction functions.

Any help anyone can offer on this would be great. I know theres gonna be loads of of people who wanna have a go at my gear or something else but I'm just asking for a bit of help as a starting point for getting tones.

To get sharp high end cleans and distorted bottom end, you'll either need to buy a James LoMenzo OD pedal so you can select the OD range and then get you're EQ right. Or dual amp...
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was hoping for something i can do with the gear i already have. i also dint really understand the difference between roundwound and flatwound strings (tone not production method) but i do hear people talking about the difference strings make.
Roundwound gives a more trebly harsher sound compared to flatwounds, which give off a very dull, warm thumpy sound tone. For a comparison, listen to Rex Brown (who used roundwounds) and James Jamerson (who used flatwounds).
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If you're using flatwounds, I would switch to roundwounds, as you'll struggle otherwise to get the bright tone you describe.

The 'bassy and distorted' aspect, differing from sharp and clear, would probably require you to selectively distort your low-end, or low-mids. The Ashdown Hyperdrive allows you to do that easily, but Im not familiar enough with your gear to work out another way. Ideally, you'd use an effects loop, but I dont think the Perfect 10 has one. You might be able to use the CD Line-in as a second input, but Im suspicious about the practicalities of it.

Leaving aside the effects for the moment, I found a tone similar to what you described by soloing the neck pickup, rolling the tone all the way up. On the amp, bass given a quarter turn of boost, hi-mids a half turn. Extra treble optional. It wasn't 'sharp', but it was rumbly.
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My first thought was "get an MXR Blowtorch," which is weird because I'm not a big fan of that pedal, and nothing in your post indicated you wanted a synthy tone or liked Chris Wolstenholme...

Don't know why my intuition is saying that, but it's a pretty nice pedal nonetheless. The hyperdrive is also quite good too. I'd check both of them out.
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thanks guys, most of this has helped so far. i listen to such different types of music so finding one tone i like is hard. i'm using roundwounds with a pick but still get too much of smooth tone as apposed to something with a bit more clarity.
Sansamp BDDI might be for you TS
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Sansamp BDDI might be for you TS

Just what I was thinking. The BDDI has both a great overdrive (I, personally, think it's only really achievable with a pick though.. but we're talking a proper high-gain drive, rather than balls-out fuzz, like the Blowtorch or Boss OBD-3) and a Presence knob to adjust how much metallic string twang you hear.

Oh, and nickel roundwounds. Personally, I think stainless steel strings have a really sharp tone, but also quite dark. Nickel is bright, twangy and sounds great with a big midrange.

Have you got any examples of tones you want to sound a bit like?

This post was a bit all over the place.. Personally I'd suggest the following:

EQ: Boost centre and high mids, cut low mids a little bit. Boost treble to 3 O'clockish. Cut bass to 11 O'clockish.

Nickle roundwound strings. Play with a pick. Boost gain to about 7ish. Use a distortion pedal like a Fulltone or a SansAmp.
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